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Company Profile

Company Profile

Vonet was founded on April,2020, Vonet will be one of the Internet Service provider in Cambodia, and provide high-quality Internet services for private use as well as for business purpose across Phnom Penh.

 Vonet priority is to ensure to provide a stable and steady internet connection trough all day for all our customers from the home user to the large companies. Customers' requirements are our main priority, Vonet will be the best Company for customized services in order to increase the efficiency of internet connection and minimize the cost.

Vonet have several professional engineers and technicians which can solve customer’s default anywhere in Phnom Penh.

 Vonet well know the importance that Internet got for business nowadays. Cambodia is considered by many international business investors like a fast developing country. The foreign investors expect strong economic growth of the country.

 Vonet policy is to give to all Cambodian people, home users and companies all new level of internet connection experiences to let them live a pleasant moment.

 Vonet employees are experts in their field to meet all the demands in the best way. Great Country need a great internet connection.

 Vonet will be the best connection that Cambodia can have.

Our mission is to create a better life in the digital age with the people of Southeast Asia.